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The poem of craving




"The body as it is. The world as it is. What are we, if not a mix of body and soul, reason and dreams, desires and barriers? What happens when borders disappear? When the world becomes body, the body becomes dreams and dreams become desire?" The Poem of Craving is an experimental text rooted in these questions. It is also the starting point of the project by the young artist, Sahar Rezaei, resident of Archa.lab.

Cast & Credits

Text und Regie: Sahar Rezaei

Bilder: Soheil Aghazade

Musik: Sahar Rezaei

Performerinnen: Anna Benháková ,Sára Halušková, Tereza Slavkovská

Betreuung: Jan Burian Jr., Jaroslav Hrdlicka

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